Frequently asked questions.

About Sunwell.

Could you please tell us about the corporate culture at Sunwell?

Sunwell is a fairly open company. The CEO shares an office with the rest of the staff. This is to foster an environment to freely express yourself to your superiors. You are always encouraged to share the difficulties

About engineers

Can you dispatch engineers as requested?

Yes we do. After carefully listening to your requests, our sales staff will narrow down a list of the most suited engineers from our global network, which is not limited to Japan, to satisfy your needs. We provide a newsletter with the most recent engineering news. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please complete and submit the enquiry form.

How long does it take to dispatch the engineers after the request is raised?

It is determined on the nature of the request. The shortest periodfor domestic dispatch is a few weeks. If you seek an engineer from abroad, it can take two to three months for visa application and relocation formalities.

Can I request that dispatch personnel work or go abroad?

You certainly can. Please contact our sales staff ahead of time.

Is it feasible to send or introduce dispatch personnel to work abroad?

Indeed, we do. Our services are utilized in India, Vietnam, and other nations worldwide.

About the engineer
dispatch support

I'm worried about using an engineer staffing service because I'm new to it.......

Our sales staff will provide detailed explanations of the services and ongoing support to engineers even after the dispatch has begun. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What kind of assistance is given to dispatch engineers?

Through regular career counseling and encouragement of Japanese language acquisition, we actively assist engineers in developing their abilities. Furthermore, we offer complete assistance in a variety of areas, such as visa acquisition, relocation, housing, and mobile phone contracts, to ensure that engineers from other countries may come to Japan and work without difficulty.

About recruitment information

I'm fresh to the staffing industry; should I get started?

You very certainly can. The majority of our current staff joined us with no prior experience. Despite the fact that there are many laws and regulations as well as specialized knowledge needs to be acquired, you can be confident that you will learn step by step as you start working with your department manager and other team members.

I've heard that there are a lot of international engineers. I'm not fluent in English.......

The level of English proficiency required varies based on the department to which you are assigned. We also have staff who are not fluent in English, and are making an effort in their own way. Because many of our staff are either native Japanese, or fluent in Japanese, please feel free to enter if the job does not require English.

Is there any rent allowance?

Yes, there is. Details will be explained by the recruiter at the time of offer.

At my previous job, I was not allowed to move up the ladder because I was in my 30s.

The HR and salary system of Sunwells is not based on seniority. We encourage "autonomous career development" based on the degree of progress and accomplishing the goals set by each individual, while valuing the process. If the outcome is worthy of evaluation, the employee will be promoted, even if he or she is young.

Can you explain Sunwell's corporate culture

Sunwell is an even organization with an open culture. You can always voice your opinion, regardless of position, age, or experience. Please do not hesitate to bring fresh suggestions or challenges to the company.

Do you employ people with physical limitations?

Yes, we have a good track record of recruiting persons with physical limitations, and a few of them are currently working with us. Information about hiring people with impairments is posted on our website, Hello Work, and in job portals as appropriate.

What is the probationary period?

All positions have a three-month probation period. Please be assured that conditions stay unaltered during the probation period.

What kind of training and education programs do you provide for new employees?

Our post-employment training program starts with an orientation to familiarize you with our organization. Following that, on-the-job training is provided. The training focuses on encouraging the development of an entrepreneurial career by focusing on Challenge and Flexibility, which are principles of our company. The male-to-female staff ratio is 65:35, and we have a considerable number of female employees who are well-regarded both within and outside the company.