Accelerating your Business
Providing “Engineers” and “Technology”

About Sunwells

Many registered Engineers with
high market value Introducing human resources tailored to each Industry (or) that match the
needs of each Industry

About human resources business

Encouraging successful Offshore development,
Securing human resources and implementing
cost-cutting measures

About offshore developement service

Providing strategic planning and
research support for successful
overseas expansion

Consulting for Expansion in Asia & India

Introduction and Deployment/Dispatch of Japanese engineers
We introduce and dispatch engineers to Plant,Automotive, Mechanical, Construction and IT fields.
We propose human resources that promote the objectives of employer/Client company.
Introduction and Deployment/Dispatch of foreign engineers
We introduce top-notch foreign engineers.
Can entrust introduction and dispatch of qualified foreign engineers who are ready to work.
Development support
We provide optimal solutions for companies looking to cut development costs.
Consulting for Expansion in Asia & India
We provide the best solution for companies considering expanding into India and Asia, and for those who have already expanded but are not achieving the expected results.

Business Fields

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