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IT Industry Engineer Dispatch Service Features

  • Feature01

    Dispatching bilingual engineers who understand Japanese culture and act as a bridge for seamless functioning between the two countries.

    Introducing bilingual personnel with diverse backgrounds. Highly competent bilingual foreign and Japanese engineers who can coordinate well to accomplish projects deadlines. A good number of foreign engineers with N1 and N2 Japanese language proficiency.

  • Feature02

    Extensive experience in introducing upstream personnel and project managers. (Or) Introducing upstream personnel and project mangers with extensive experience.

    Many multinational corporations have successfully hired our professionals. We also offer services such as introducing numeerous individuals to complete assignments in a timely manner.

  • Feature03

    We also cover a wide spectrum of large-scale recruitments, from introducing fresh graduates to highly experienced professionals in each industry.

    We specialize in offshore and remote model. Through our unique recruiting methods, we can connect you with the engineers for your project needs. In addition to on-site operations in Japan, we provide contract development in Vietnam, lab-based offshore development in India, and full remote staffing.

Technical domains Supported

IT field engineering placement

[Other tools]
[Embedded software]
Python, Java, PHP, C++, C♯, R, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, VB, Etc.

Software field engineering placement

[Other tools]

Industrial field

Public systems, financial systems, data security, distribution systems, communication systems, call centers, image processing, database design, ERP, SCM, CRM, web applications, etc.

Examples of work supported

Business applications

ERP, SCM, CRM, PDM, HR and payroll systems, management and financial accounting systems, Management information analysis systems, core systems and SCM systems, Sales support systems for sales companies, Staffing management systems, Attendance management systems, Production management systems, ERP packages, BtoB and BtoC EC systems

Network and database

Database tuning, server design/construction, data centre operation, network design/construction, SaaS/PaaS design/construction LTE communication network construction, factory network construction, various server construction, OracleDB construction, CRM database construction, data linking and integration, development environment infrastructure construction, infrastructure construction in data centres

Information systems

(1) Business systems development
Public systems, financial systems, distribution systems, communication systems
(2) Business analysis
In-house SE, project management, open systems SE, general-purpose systems SE
(3) Business application programme development
Call centre systems, bioscience, map information, image processing
(4) Database system development
Database design, SQL programmes, middleware design, ERP, SCM, CRM and other packaged software

IT infrastructure, servers and networks

(1) Networks.
LAN and WAN construction, operations, network switches and router configuration in application, platform and infrastructure cloud computing stacks
(2) Operations monitoring.
Communication network monitoring, communication network maintenance, server monitoring, server maintenance
(3) Security.
Security system implementation, system security management
(4) VoIP
IP network implementation

Examples of engineering placement companies.

Fujisoft Limited / Anritsu Corporation / Siemens AG /.
Tata Consultancy Services Japan Limited / Tech Mahindra Limited/
Wipro Limited / Infosys Limited